Do you recognise the importance of raising awareness of your business and your sector to young people?

We help you achieve this goal by making effective use of your CSR budget in unique and innovative ways with the maximum impact on young people. We have an international reputation for working with companies big and small to ensure that resources are engaging, curriculum friendly and cage appropriate.

We can support in several different ways that suit different aims:

  • High quality, child appropriate media resources for classroom use
  • Highly engaging one off or repeating events aligned to the curriculum
  • In classroom project development and delivery
  • Project development for schools and businesses to work together
  • Teacher resource materials and support to make sure resources are well used

We approach every project and request as bespoke but bring to bear a quarter of a century of experience with a view to always make the next project the best.

Our work covers schools both in the UK and further beyond.

Our experience is national award winning and has impact

Our approach is simple:

  • When you have the time and opportunity to work with pupils, speak to them and inspire them about what you do….we can create events and resources to maximise the impact both on site and elsewhere
  • You often don’t have time to constantly be going into schools, so we can create resources for companies that has impact in the classroom, linked to the curriculum
  • Our resources are innovative but based on what research tells us has an impact and over 25 years of experience engaging learners of all ages
  • Our approach is bespoke to your company needs

Our experience includes huge engineering shows, bespoke sector days, pupil focussed digital resources, films and maps, and a lot of working with pupils directly to develop their awareness of what is on their doorstep and how to get there.

Having worked with thousands of pupils of all ages, primary, secondary, college and special with over 25 years of experience, our offer is unique not just in the Tees Valley but also the UK.

If you would like to discuss any thoughts or ideas please contact us for a natter: