Career Related Learning and Aspirations

There is compelling evidence that integrating knowledge of the world of work into the curriculum at ALL levels results in greater school engagement, increased achievement and, ultimately, higher earnings later in life. Whether you just want to run an aspirations event one day a year, one week a year or even create an integrated approach every term, our resources below will help to guide you. They are constantly being added to and if there is a gap in your needs, please ask us and we will add it to our to do list!

Interactive Company Map

Click on the image to access our interactive map of companies across most sectors of the economy. The map is constantly being added to with new businesses over an ever widening area. Each marker has an introduction video with links to the company page on this site. Can be used as a general search or for a ‘company of the week’ type focus in assemblies or career related sessions. As an external link it can easily be shared with pupils for them to explore or focus on a specific company on their own devices or at home.

National Curriculum Links

Click on the image to search for resources related to objectives from the national curriculum. Not every objective is covered…yet(!) but there are lots of links to people who use curriculum concepts or skills in their daily job. For example, a 2 minute video introducing someone who may use ‘electricity’ in their day job is a brilliant resource to add into a teaching sequence when studying circuits. Imagine the child who has really enjoyed the lesson then realising that they could do that for a job and get well paid for it.

Guess Who?

This ever growing set of resources is ideal for a regular assembly or career related learning session. Can the pupils use the answers from each question to work out what the person’s job is? The resources also aim to make the interviewees relatable with information not just about their work but also their outside interests, as well as how they ended up in their role. This offers a fantastic opportunity to address stereotyping and gender bias in the workplace. Every interviewee is from a company that has a page on this site so follow up work and investigation can then be done. Click on the image for access.

Animex Resources for Coding

This set of resources was created for Animex 2022 and feature activities, help guides and glimpses into the lives and thoughts for real animators and games creators. It is a great basis for a ‘Day of Code’ and is differentiated to support learners from Y1 upwards. The focus is on Scratch and Scratch Jnr.

Curated resources from the web

We believe that we make engaging and age appropriate resources for your students. However, we can’t cover EVERY subject or career….yet! In the meantime we have curated resources under some broad topic headings that are free from the web and can be used from EYFS to KS4.

How do you get a job?

These resources were created to show the process of applying for a job. They were created in two different school with SEND students but their content can be applied to any career prep or awareness raising class. Spark regularly uses them as a discussion piece in primary classrooms. Click on the image for access.