How do you get a job?

The resources on this page were produced to help students understand the process of finding, applying for and being successful in gaining employment. Both examples were made with students who have additional needs but Spark uses the resources in every type of setting.

This resource was made with students from Catcote Special Academy in Hartlepool. The brief was to allow students to understand the process of applying for a job. Our focus at all times was to make it relatable from the student perspective, ‘It is ok to feel nervous’, ‘It is ok to have ups and downs’. There are two main versions plus a longer piece using local employers that can be used to further the conversation.

This video follows Olivia’s journey applying for a job and is a great opportunity to work with students to break down the process into understandable chunks which they can then prepare for. Ideal for career prep sessions.

This video is a series of interviews around key questions about the job application process using a range of employers to provide answers. It is best used by taking each question as a section as a lesson in itself. Ideal for career prep sessions. The end reel shows students from the school who are now in employment.

Stripped down version of episode 1 without such a focus on SEND students in particular.

This resource was made with students at Meadowgate Special Academy in Wisbech. The focus is on the process of applying for a job. The video has three versions for teachers to use in different ways. Additional content was created with employers who had taken on students from the school to gain an insight into the workplace, especially with additional needs.

‘Full fat’ version with thought bubbles to prompt what the main subject of the filming was thinking at each stage of applying for a job.

Version with ‘blank’ thought bubbles to create student discussion/reflection moments when watching the film. Might be worth using this one first with a class.

Short video of soundbites based around a series of key questions for employers who have taken on employees with additional needs.

Kasey May did the voiceover for the first film. She is deaf and wanted to express her own thoughts about getting a job. Very powerful

Grace is a nurse at Addenbroke’s in Cambridge. Here she talks about her journey into employment and her special needs considerations.