Money Matters Overview

You can use this resource however you want: a series of lessons, a full day focus or even ask us to come in and deliver it so we can make links to future careers and roles. Up to you.

The resource below gives some ideas a starting point. Each ‘lesson’ has a main video, a presentation (and a ‘lite’ version for children to work through independently), a key resource to be shown or printed out (iPad version can be written straight into using Pages) and often a spreadsheet. There are usually two versions, one where the formulas are done for you and one where the children have to create their own. Please refer to ‘how to create formulas’ on our Numbers guide if using an iPad. There is also an overarching spreadsheet fund in lesson 1 that can be updated as you tackle each lesson subject so that by the end the children have a basic monthly budget for main living costs. Then you can start discussing which jobs can afford to live like that!

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