Today was a huge pleasure working with the children and staff at St Thomas More Primary on one of our final Enterprise AR days funded by TVCA! As always, each of these days takes you on a journey and today the children certainly steered the course of the day with their natural curiosity and effective questioning skills! It was clear from the beginning that engagement levels were high with the amount of questions bouncing around their brains and out into the classroom!

We used Keynote to think about career choices, reflect on the things they are passionate about and share their thoughts with others. We began to unpick some of the  key enterprise skills and attitudes that underpin many future opportunities and then we used Reality Composer to put into practice some of the things we had learned, to create virtual Birthday cards. Just as I was leaving, a pupil told me that they know exactly the skills they need to get a job in the future and the children gave the whole day a whopping 10 out of 10!

The photos below show the enthusiasm, creativity and determination of the children and the link at the bottom allows you to download the files to see for yourself how children can work with a completely new app and in under an hour create a products for a specific audience.