It was a huge pleasure working with the Year 4 children and staff from Acklam Whin Primary School on our Enterprise AR day.  The children were really enthusiastic and engaged with the content we were discussing and it was clear from the beginning that they had strong ideas of what they wanted to achieve in the future! 

Starting with the child, which is how we structure our days at Spark, we built on the ideas from our discussions, weaving the idea of Enterprise Skills into their own experiences, aspirations and everyday life. This is why each Enterprise AR Day takes you on a different journey with the unique, inspiring minds you have the privilege of talking to in each school you visit. 

Following on from this, we looked at PR and Marketing in more depth and how companies attract people to buy their products. With the help of the app Reality Composer, we used CAD (Computer Aided Design) to design their own product for a specific audience before combining the real world with computer-generated content which involved bringing their creations to life in the classroom using augmented reality!

Below are a few images from the day you can see how motivated and engaged these children were during the sessions!