It was a complete pleasure to work with the Year 4 children from Riverdale and the Year 5s from Green Gates. They arrived together on the same bus and worked fantastically in teams throughout the day! Today was the latest ‘World of Work Day’ funded by the TVCA and hosted on the top floor of the new AV Dawson HQ which has stunning views of across the Tees Valley.

Making the most of the vistas, one of the first things of the day is to do the big reveal! As the curtains are opened, excitement fills the room at this sets the atmosphere for the day. The children asked so many questions about work in our area and one child said it took their breath away to see the view of the port in action!

Towards the end of the day, the pupils named so many highlights it was difficult to remember them all! For some, they loved working with the the Dash robots and coding them around a massive floor map of the Tees Valley, for others they soaked up so much information on local companies they said they were spoilt for choice with what to do when they were older!

Both schools could have stayed even longer if we had the time! As they hopped on their bus home, two pupils said it was impossible to say there favourite part because they loved every minute! We can’t wait to work with you again in the future!

Below are some photos and a film of their work from today: