• 30 films a year behind the scenes of local companies for use in assemblies or the classroom
  • Raising awareness of local businesses
  • All business sectors represented
  • Additional resources to support teachers and further integration into the curriculum

Try this:

This phrase is being used more and more often as part of the aspirations agenda. The research tells us that the more children see, at all ages, the more likely they are to attain more at school and earn more when they are older. But how do you do that in a busy school when curriculum time is at a premium?

This is the first of a series of 30 films that can be used almost weekly in assemblies, during morning work or even integrated into lessons. Aimed at KS2 primarily but can be used with younger or slightly older children, pupils will engage with Tees Valley employees and companies from across all sectors, throughout the year, developing their cultural capital and awareness of their local context.

The films were created through research with 2000 pupils to pin down how to make them as engaging and meaningful as possible. Simply showing interviews and footage behind the scenes of each company would have been ok but the feedback that our research threw up made it clear that there are much more effective ways to engage the audience and make it meaningful!

Each of the 30 films will be set in a page of its own with links to relevant websites, further information about the company/sector and suggestions for using in the classroom. The resource will also include a set of bonus films such as a labelled journey along the River Tees, links to local resources and update videos about big developments in the local business world. Also included are resources to support leadership in effectively implementing knowledge of the world of work as a strategy in your school without having to shift your curriculum around too much!

Regular engagement with the world of work in such an easy way raises aspirations and connects pupils to the environment that they will grow up in. The research base is clear about the positive impact that this has on children’s attainment and success in later life.

A full year subscription to the resource package is just £325 per year.

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*First set of films released at half term so order now to be fully subscribed in time.