Guess what?

Yep, another day working with some of our brilliant local children on a TVCA funded Enterprise Day. Today it was 40 fantastic Year 5 children at Brambles Academy who explored what their life choices can look like, how their enterprise skills will help them to make the most of those opportunities and finally, how they can apply those skills to a new situation. And as usual, that situation was creating VR content for the first time for a specific audience.

It was really interesting to hear the thoughts of the children on what their future can be like. Many of them have a very limited awareness of the opportunities that are on their doorstep or even that they have the skills and ability to access them. They can of course and from everything you will find on this website (and the research and social theory on which our work is based) it is clear that days like this and the huge range of curriculum linked ‘world of work’ resources that we work on can have a major impact on their life chances.

Today hopefully opened some minds and eyes to the possibilities and you can see from the images below that they do not lack creativity, resilience, passion and commitment…who wouldn’t want that in their company?

And if you would like to see some of the work that they did, click on the link below. As USDZ files they work on an iPad or iPhone for sure but other systems might have some sort of app to open them, who knows! Download and open in Notes if they don’t just open: