Charles Darwin, Sir David Attenborough, Stephen Fry, Dame Emma Thompson and King Charles II all walked the hallowed halls of Cambridge University so you can imagine the excitement of the children from St Bedes, Bankfields, and New Silksworth Primary Schools as they followed in their famous footsteps.

The trip was funded by Carole Haswell, a world-famous astronomer, from the School of Physical Sciences at the Open University and centred on providing an opportunity for these Teesside students to visit Kings College and The Institute of Astronomy (IoA).

They began with a tour of King’s College Cambridge with current students studying at the university leading the way around the Chapel, Great Hall, and halls of residence. It soon became apparent all the opportunities Cambridge University provides for pupils who wish to study there in the future.

Next was a short trip to The Institute of Astronomy with Carol and Matt Bothwell, providing the children with the chance to take part in an interactive lecture in a Cambridge University lecture theatre. The children dazzled Carol and Matt with their curious and intuitive questioning skills! The final stop was the Northumberland Telescope and a chance to see this 30cm lens telescope up close!

What a fantastic day and lots of inspiration for the future!