Today marks a significant milestone as we selected the Power of Women (PoW) Ambassadors for the Coatham Primary School to join the other 96 PoW ambassadors from across the North East. With the help of Kirsten Donkin from PD Ports, we interviewed eleven Year 5 pupils offering them a genuine taste of a professional interview experience. With eagerness radiating from their every pore, the Year 5 pupils took turns entering the interview room, one by one. The decision-making process proved to be exceptionally challenging, a testament to the outstanding quality of the students’ application forms and their confident performances during the interviews. Four successful candidates were selected from an incredible group of young leaders of tomorrow!

You can tell from the Spark session the week before, which introduced the Programme, in the heart of Coatham Primary School, a radiant group of children are charting their course towards a future filled with boundless aspirations. Imagine the scene: Year 5 pupils, bubbling with enthusiasm and dreams, immersing themselves in discussions about the roads that lie ahead and potential career paths.

Reflecting on this incredible experience, we embarked on two impactful sessions at Coatham Primary, delving into the concept of equality within the classroom, exploring future aspirations, and conducting interviews for the PoW Primary Ambassador Program. In doing so, we are nurturing the seeds of leadership in these young minds, empowering them to become leaders of the future who champion equality for all. The journey has just begun, and the radiance of their potential shines ever brighter. Well done Coatham Primary School!