Today was a huge pleasure to work with the Year 5 children and staff from Crooksbarn Primary School, in Norton, thinking about their futures and talking about their aspirations.

As always, each of these days takes you on a journey and today the children certainly steered the course of the day with their natural curiosity and effective questioning skills! It was clear from the beginning that engagement levels were high with the number of questions bouncing around their brains and out into the classroom!

We used the app Keynote to think about career choices and reflect on the things they are passionate about by identifying their strengths before sharing their thoughts with others. We began to unpick some of the essential enterprise skills and attitudes that underpin many future opportunities. As usual, the rest of the session was couched within the context of life choices and the skills and attitudes that allow you to keep your options open throughout your life. More than that in fact, ways to enhance your opportunities in getting the things you want.

What a brilliant day with both Year 5 classes! It was clear from the get-go we had a highly motivated, extremely engaged group of children who certainly know how to make the most of opportunities that head their way!