Thank you for all the messages and comments about the resources that I have been creating, it seems that hundreds of you have been dipping into one task or another so it makes it really worthwhile. The best feedback I get though are examples like these pictures above by pupils at St Gabriel’s in Ormesby. They may be stuck at home but they are using the videos and challenges to explore their local area and then create some great work. None of the above was made in ten minutes, neither was it just thrown together. You can see real planning, awareness of product matching the task and I would guess plenty of patience and resilience to get the job done to such a high spec.

Work based skills anyone?

I’m hugely impressed! Keep the images and comments coming and I will share them on the site.

Today is the last set of resources from Rivers week and we have created a focus on PD Ports who run Teesport. There are a mix of creative challenges ranging from basic drawing to reprogramming ships to enter port safely!

Next week we will be exploring the local Digital sector developments…