If you walk into any Y4 classroom you will find that most of the children will tell you how much they like digital technology and gaming. One of the aims of the TVCA funded Enterprise Days is to show children the key skills that help them succeed in life but also put that within a context of what they might want to do when they are older, or more specifically, what they didn’t realise what they could when they are older.

Today I worked with the fantastic Y4 class at St Augustine’s in Coulby Newham. It became clear early in the day from their responses that gaming and tech was going to be a feature of the discussion. I showed them the video I made for Bring It On last year which really brought home to them the fact that careers and opportunities in gaming and tech are very much on their doorstep:

This set the scene for a focus on key enterprise skills, applied to an audience based scenario for them to create their virtual birthday cards for a specific audience. Reality Composer allowed the children to work in a way that is likely to become commonplace in the future. They only had 30mins to actually learn and use the software….I think many people will be surprised just how able an 8 year old is!

Imagine if they had a week to work on it?

Click on the link below, select the file you want to view and then ‘Open in’ an app like Notes to view in VR or AR: