What a fantastic day today at Dormanstown Primary with the brilliant children (and staff!) in Y5. It was another day of TVCA funded Enterprise activity using Reality Composer to design AR objects with a specific purpose. What struck me today was how ‘switched on’ the children were in the class, and that comes from a great classroom ethic created by the school and teacher. With a focus on Enterprise and employability skills it was therefore easy to see examples of each whilst the children were working and my job was to help the children recognise their own skillset on which they can build. They were particularly attentive listeners when they needed to be but also team workers when asked to collaborate. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them.

As usual some great images of the children working along with their work to download at the bottom of the page.

And the link to the USDZ files is below. Remember that these work best on an iPhone or iPad. Open the link, find the file you want, click the three dots at the top and ‘Open in…’ Select Notes to open it, then go and view your file in the Notes app: