What an amazing day it was at South Bank Primary School working with their incredibly focused Year 5 children! We delved into the essential skills required for future employment, discussed their aspirations, and explored the range of opportunities in the Tees Valley. Our interactive business map showcased local companies, with a special emphasis on the digital sector.

Our exploration extended to hearing from professionals in various fields and gaining insights into their life journeys and career paths. Additionally, we delved into the intricacies of PR and Marketing, unraveling the strategies companies use to attract consumers and how influencers gain their follower base. Using the Reality Composer app, we harnessed the power of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to guide the pupils in crafting objects or characters for video games. The exciting fusion of the real world and computer-generated content came to life through augmented reality, allowing the students to digitally try on masks inspired by their Ancient Egyptian studies. The classroom buzzed with heightened concentration and unleashed creativity!

Heidi, a Year 5 student, summed up the day exclaiming, “I have loved everything about today – from morning to afternoon – I’ve learned so much!”

Check out some images from the day below to witness the unparalleled motivation and engagement displayed by these enthusiastic children throughout the sessions!