Yesterday, at Teesside University we welcomed the digital leaders from Kader, Green Lane, Christ the King, South Bank, St Bedes and Breckon Hill for their third session of the year. This session was all about unleashing their creativity with Blender. This versatile and widely used open-source 3D software has captured the hearts of artists, designers and developers across different industries.

Under the guidance of Kyle, a lecturer from the university, the children eagerly absorbed his instructions on crafting their 3D creations, starting with the challenge of building their own robot. With rapt attention, they soaked up invaluable skills in scaling, rotating, blending, bevelling, extrusion, reshaping and smoothing; all essential techniques to breathe life into their imaginative designs in the 3D world.

As these young minds eagerly embrace the tools and techniques of digital creation, their journey with Blender opens up a world of endless possibilities in the realm of 3D design and innovation.

Take a look at their experiences below! The next event will be on 20th June when they will return to Teesside University for Animex a day centred around coding and animation!