Yesterday marked the third and final installment of the PoW Ambassadors Development Day held at Yarm Preparatory School. It was a day packed with insightful discussions, networking opportunities and strategies for personal and collective growth.

The day kicked off with a warm welcome and a short session setting the stage for what was to come which included a glimpse into upcoming opportunities for inspiration days including Ampleforth College and Cambridge University. This was followed by a thought-provoking session led by Clare Heaney from CatsUK, delving into the impact of AI on our lives and our role in a rapidly evolving digital world.

All the ambassadors had the opportunity to connect, share experiences and practice their networking skills with the guests from the local business who supported the day. Throughout the afternoon, the ambassadors engaged in lively discussions around critical thinking looking at what truly drives success and the importance of effective planning in achieving goals.

Reflecting on the whole experience and looking at the feedback from a survey collected, every single ambassador experienced a notable increase in self-confidence through their participation in the Primary Ambassador Programme. They expressed a greater sense of assurance regarding their own futures and unanimously expressed their enthusiasm in recommending the role to others!