Today we worked with the incredible Year 6 children and staff from Hartburn Primary School on another World of Work Day at AV Dawson funded by TVCA. The pupils were phenomenal asking superb questions and working so seamlessly in their groups!

The balcony tour was certainly a hit with the children (as well as the staff) and they were amazed to hear and see all the companies that are working on our doorstep!

The children worked independently, coding Dash robots around a massive floor map of the Tees Valley and they worked through the company bios and produced short presentations using keynote.

The excitement and enthusiasm levels were off the scale and one of the Year 6 children said at the end of the day, “It’s been so much fun and educational at the same time!” Hartburn it has been a pleasure to work with your pupils and watch out Tees Valley we will see some of these youngsters making big strides in the future of our area!

As usual, pictures below and the work that they produced as a movie: