Today we had the pleasure of meeting children and staff from Grangetown and St Augustine’s Primary Schools on our TVCA funded World of World Day. From the questions and answers given by the pupils, you can guarantee that the future of our area is safe in their hands! I think we have definitely met some leaders of the future today with their innovative ideas and thirst for learning! Lots of the children’s ideas even generated a round of applause from pupils and staff plus the sense of camaraderie today was off the scale for two schools who had just met for the first time!

The port itself was a hive of activity and we were lucky enough to see one huge ship leave for Africa and another massive ship from France dock! The children summed up the day brilliantly; lots of them enjoyed the coding element of the Dash robots and many of them enjoyed learning about different companies in the Tees Valley. It was so pleasing to hear the amount of knowledge the children had retained at the end of the day and that many of them realise that their future career choices could be right here on their doorstep.

As usual, photos and video of their work are just below: