Today was nothing short of extraordinary for the Year 4 students at Breckon Hill Primary School! These bright and enthusiastic youngsters from Middlesbrough dived headfirst into our ‘Renewable Energy in Action’ session and their hard work truly shone.

From the outset, the energy was palpable as the children delved into the world of renewable energy, exploring its significance in Teesside and the exciting developments at Teesworks. This wasn’t just any lesson; it was a glimpse into the future of their region and the promising career opportunities that lie ahead.

The morning saw our young minds transform into budding Energy Engineers. With independence and creativity, they planned and built their own working models of wind farms. These future engineers chose their locations with great care, considering both financial and ethical implications.

They even had time to set up their own hydrogen-powered cars, learning about the fascinating process of electrolysis to separate hydrogen from distilled water.

The highlight of the day for Chenar, a thrilled Year 4 pupil, was racing the hydrogen-powered cars in the much-anticipated Hydrogen Grand Prix. “Having the opportunity to use hydrogen-powered cars is not something you do every day,” he shared with a beaming smile. The hall buzzed with excitement as the car named after Thomas Eddison secured a memorable victory!

These Year 4 pupils displayed remarkable resilience and perseverance throughout the day. They embraced every challenge with enthusiasm and showcased qualities that will undoubtedly serve them well in the future.

Stay tuned for more classes from Breckon Hill soon!