The incredible Year 4 children from Mowden Primary School, in Darlington, got to grips with renewable energy and experienced some real hands-on learning opportunities throughout our ‘Renewable Energy in Action’ session.

During the day, these inquisitive Year 4s learned through experience as they transformed into ‘Wind Farm Engineers.’ Independently, they planned and built their own working model of a wind farm choosing their locations carefully, thinking of the financial and ethical implications of where to lay their cables. We also looked at future career paths spanning the renewable sector and real opportunities they could take hold of in their local area.

After lunch we looked at the mechanics behind the technology fueling today’s automotive revolution and these Year 4s turned their hand at becoming ‘Energy Engineers’ setting up their own hydrogen-powered cars before racing them in the Hydrogen Grand Prix!

A buzz of excitement filled the hall as the children all kept their fingers crossed for their car to come in first place. The car named after Leonardo da Vinci was the champion! 

Even though in the photos you can only see their hands, you can certainly count on these children to make the most of these hands-on learning experiences!