Hands up if you want to change the world! The children at St Gabriel’s certainly do! These enthusiastic and passionate Year 5 pupils, were super keen to explore equal opportunities for all and break down gender stereotypes in our introduction sessions for the Power of Women Campaign (PoW) and the Primary School Ambassador Program.

As they explained their dreams and aspirations for the future, the pupils felt strongly that Teesside shouldn’t have been named the worst place for young girls to grow up which was the catalyst for the birth of PoW. During our session, we had interesting discussions around the role of women in the world of science and STEM-related careers and also looked at sports including football, and the role of male and female footballers. Before the session finished we thought about our life story and our interests and strengths before looking at the PoW application form.

We were fortunate to have Sophie from the PoW team join us to conduct the interview process a week later and we were inundated with applications. Today we provided the pupils with a real taste of what a professional interview entails. Year 5 pupils, brimming with enthusiasm, took turns entering the interview room one by one, and our decision was exceptionally challenging due to the high quality of the student’s application forms and their confident performance during the interviews.

Two incredible sessions at St Gabriel’s and what a privilege it was working with these Year 5 superstars!