Another unbelievable day at Acklam Whin Primary School, in Middlesbrough, working with the Year 3 classes thinking about their futures, and talking about their aspirations.

There is a huge, and growing, amount of evidence strongly suggesting that children who know more about the world of work do better at school and in subsequent life. These wide-eyed and super-focused Year 3 children certainly soaked up so many opportunities for potential career paths today.

We began with journeying around our interactive business map of the Tees Valley and talked about the plethora of opportunities in the world of work right on our doorstep. As usual, the rest of the session was couched within the context of life choices and the skills and attitudes that allow you to keep your options open throughout your life. More than that in fact, ways to enhance your opportunities in getting the things you want in life.

What a fantastic day with both Year 3 classes! It was clear from the get-go we had a highly motivated, extremely engaged group of children who certainly know what informed strides they wanted to take into the world after they leave primary school.