Want to know how to make something like this?

Wednesday 4.30pm – 15min Free CPD


Nope it doesn’t have to be a shark and no it doesn’t have to be grammar!

So this week grab an iPhone or iPad Pro and learn how to use the Animoji feature in Messages to create fun characters that can just add a different element to home learning tasks. We will also be using iMovie in the session so nothing costs money other than the device!

The session will be a fast demo and questions. The above resource took me around 5mins to make, in fact the bit where I actually had to write something with a pen took the longest. The technique is simple and engaging, especially for younger learners and can be applied to any process you want to demonstrate. Applying it wider, the character could be reading a book (images in the background), talking through work for the week, explaining a maths technique, speaking in a foreign language or anything really. It is so simple and offers so many creative applications.

If you would like to attend please email me:


Once registered you will get a zoom code emailed to you about 15mins before the session.

This session is aimed at teachers.