What an incredible session at Riverdale Primary School in Redcar, where we dived into an exhilarating Power of Women (PoW) session with their vibrant Year 5 pupils, immersing ourselves in the spirit of the Primary School Ambassador Initiative! The aim? Nothing short of elevating aspirations, championing equal opportunities, and challenging gender biases. This all-encompassing program opens its arms to every pupil, offering a golden opportunity to dive deep into the principles of equality through the sessions facilitated by Spark Tees Valley right in their own classrooms.

Picture this: Our fantastic Year 5 children animatedly sharing their dreams and aspirations, sparking a collective energy that was nothing short of contagious. We harnessed the power of technology, exploring career opportunities in the local Tees Valley through our Spark interactive business map (check it out at https://www.sparkteesvalley.com/interactive-business-map/). The Keynote app became our tool of choice as we delved into the world of career choices, prompting these young minds to reflect on their passions and strengths before unleashing their thoughts to the world.

But that’s not all! We unraveled the essential enterprise skills and attitudes that form the bedrock of countless future opportunities. The session, as always, seamlessly weaved into the fabric of life choices, emphasising the skills and attitudes that don’t just open doors but keep options wide open throughout their journey. And yes, it goes beyond that – it’s about supercharging opportunities to get exactly what you want out of life!

Today was a milestone day as we proudly selected four exceptional ambassadors to represent the spirit of Riverdale Primary School. The honor doubled as we welcomed Rachel Rix from Cygnet Law and Charlotte Battison from the Hydrogen Fund to participate in the interview process. These professionals provided the Year 5 students with a taste of the real-world interview process and a tangible glimpse into the fascinating world of work. The interview room witnessed a parade of confidence, with each student showcasing remarkable skills and presenting excellent application forms.

Reflecting on this incredible journey, we find ourselves thrilled by the impact of two transformative sessions at Riverdale Primary. From exploring the concept of equality within the classroom to diving deep into future aspirations and conducting interviews for the PoW Primary Ambassador Program, we’re not just fostering leadership – we’re nurturing the extraordinary young leaders of tomorrow!