This morning the incredible Year 6 children and staff from Handale Primary School jumped straight into today’s ‘Energy Academy Workshop’ funded by Redcar and Cleveland College.

During the session, we looked at why energy was so important to us and the different types of energy. We also talked about the exciting opportunities in our local area with renewable energy. The Year 6 children transformed into ‘Energy Engineers’ and set up their own hydrogen-powered car, planned a wind farm, and even had time to build a working model.

As the grand finale, they placed their Hydrocars at the start line ready for the ‘Hydrogen Grand Prix.’ With great anticipation, they flipped the switch and watched as the car with the private REG ‘Ad4 L0VEL4CE’ won the race for the longest powered by hydrogen! 

“The hydrogen cars were my absolute highlight of the day!” Hope – from Year 6 – commented as the session finished and Noah her friend chipped in with, “I loved being a wind farm engineer and building the model from my own plans.” What a morning, the energy from the children and staff was unbelievable and the children left with a buzz of excitement!