What an amazing day with these highly engaged and super-focused Year 4 pupils from Crooksbarn Primary School in Norton on our Enterprise AR Day!

We began the day with so many mature conversations about life after primary school and discussed plans and aspirations for the future. The focus was on making choices that will open up many doors to lots of opportunities in the future.

There is a huge, and growing, amount of evidence strongly suggesting that children who know more about the world of work do better at school and in subsequent life. These wide-eyed and super-focused Year 4 children soaked up the information from the morning session and were very impressive voicing their own ideas on what they considered their own strengths and skills.

Kieron, a pupil from Year 4, said “My favourite part of the morning was finding out all about my strengths and how these skills can help me get a job in the future.”

Following this we looked at PR and Marketing in more depth and how companies attract people to buy their products and how influencers build up their follower base. With the help of the app Reality Composer, we used CAD (Computer Aided Design) to design their own product for a specific audience before combining the real world with computer-generated content which involved bringing their creations to life in the classroom using augmented reality!

Ethan, a pupil from Year 4, rounded off the day with, ” I have loved minute of the day – all morning and all afternoon – I’ve learned so much!”

Below are a few images from the day you can see how motivated and engaged these children were during the sessions!