What a fantastic day I spent today in Corpus Christi Primary working with the children on their Enterprise skills, funded by TVCA. Like previous events we used a Keynote to organise and structure the children’s thoughts before applying their skills and new learning to the creation of an AR object with a specific audience focus using Reality Composer. The children were full of ideas from the first minute and it was brilliant to listen to their thoughts on their own futures and what they will achieve in the world. I would also say I had fantastic support from the Teaching Assistant, Mrs Graham, working with me today who brought her own life experiences into the conversation brilliantly and really added a fantastic and authentic extra dimension to the discussions.

A few images from screen shots below and then the folder with all the work in will be uploaded shortly:

And their amazing work is here if you have an iOS device and want to view some of them. They open best if you download and open in Notes: