It is a pleasure to welcome the Year 4 children and staff from Normanby Primary School today on another World of Work Day at AV Dawson funded by TVCA. The traffic on the Tees was non stop! The view from the top floor provided an ideal vantage point for watching the shipping vessels unload their cargo as well as seeing the dredger slowly made its way up and down the river sucking up the sediment from the river bed.

The Year 4s were treated to fantastic views from the balcony and one of the pupils said it was ‘mind blowing’ to think all of this in on our doorstep! The children’s independence skills were commented on by the teachers as they coded Dash, worked through the company bios and produced short presentations using keynote.

What a fantastic day and – just like the dredgers – so much knowledge was hoovered up about our local area and careers opportunities for the future! The excitement and enthusiasm levels were off the scale and it was a pleasure to teach such inquisitive young minds.

As usual, pictures below and the work that they produced as a movie: