What an incredible session with the Year 7s at North Shore Academy, within the Northern Education Trust. The recent Power of Women (PoW) session involved an enthusiastic group of Year 7s who actively engaged with the PoW Ambassador Program. Spark Tees Valley and Claire Preston, Head of Operations for PoW, joined together on the interview panel to choose eight PoW Ambassadors and four Deputies immersing the students in a real-life glimpse into the professional realm. The interview process unfolded seamlessly, with each Secondary School student stepping into the room exuding confidence and presenting well-thought-out application forms.

The heart of the Ambassador Program beats with a powerful rhythm, aspiring to elevate dreams, champion equal opportunities, and dismantle gender biases. The introduction session unfolded as a tapestry of exploration, unraveling the essential enterprise skills and attitudes that serve as the foundation for countless future opportunities. Life choices took center stage, interwoven with the skills and attitudes essential for keeping your options wide open throughout the journey of life.

The culmination of two impactful sessions at North Shore Academy left excited energy in the air about what the future holds at the next event in February. The exploration of equality, the deep dive into future aspirations, and the incredible interviews for the pupils have collectively sown the seeds for nurturing the leaders of tomorrow!