Today was another incredible day on our TVCA funded ‘World of Work at Your Feet’ day at AV Dawson HQ which has fantastic views from the top floor studio. It was a complete pleasure to work with the Year 6s from St Margaret Clitherow’s and St Gabriel’s RC Primary Schools. Their levels of enthusiasm for the day were off the scale!

They had a varied range of activities including coding ‘Dash’ robots on massive floor maps of the Tees Valley area plus they blended career aspirations by visiting different companies. They then created ‘Keynote’ presentations with the knowledge they have acquired. They were also treated with a fly past while taking in the panoramic views from the balcony!

What a fantastic day and a pleasure to work with the Year 6s after they have been working so hard on their SATs last week. Now they are looking forward to their futures and what jobs lie ahead of them.

Photos and a video of their work are below.