Today the Year 6s from Ormesby Primary School blew us away with their communication and problem-solving skills on the next installment of our Energy Academy workshops funded by Redcar and Cleveland College! The children had a very impressive knowledge base to build from for this interactive science session and we could see them making connections between previous learning taught in the classroom.

This morning, they became energy engineers and independently planned and built their own working model of a wind farm; carefully considering the financial and ethical implications of different routes. Their teamwork and communication skills were off the charts and each group listened carefully to all its members before making their final decisions.

They also learned all about renewable energy and the important role plays in Teesside before learning some of the mechanics behind the technology fueling today’s automotive revolution while setting up their own hydrogen-powered car. Then it was time for the Hydrogen Grand Prix! After an initial false start due to the lack of solar power, we headed back to the pit lane to use the battery packs to separate the hydrogen and the oxygen to use as fuel. With their tanks full they flipped the switch again and the motor came to life! A buzz of excitement filled the room as the car named after Nikola Tesla won the race!