What an exhilarating journey it was for our PoW Ambassadors as they gathered once again, this time at AV Dawson, for an unforgettable Development Day! Our adventure began by activating our prior knowledge gained from our previous development day, where we explored various job sectors and honed our networking skills alongside passionate business professionals who generously lent their time to support us.

Up next was a balcony tour of AV Dawson, treating us to breathtaking panoramic views of the Tees Valley. It was more than just a scenic tour; it provided us with invaluable insights into the multitude of opportunities available right here in our region. From biotech to renewable energy, the array of roles awaiting our ambitious children in our local area was truly eye-opening. We delved deeper into this exploration using the interactive Spark business map of the Tees Valley,  https://www.sparkteesvalley.com/interactive-business-map/  gaining a deeper understanding of career pathways and the diverse roles companies have to offer.

After a spot of lunch and an impromptu musical performance by the talented students from Northshore Acadmey, who bravely asked to perform their song from Matilda the Musical for the rest of the ambassadors, it was time to think about what it means to be a leader. We looked at what skill sets leaders possess and the qualities and attitudes needed for successful leadership. The ambassadors then linked this to a potential project they could make an impact on in their school.

Reflecting on the day, it’s clear that it was an incredible opportunity for the development of these remarkable ambassadors and their potential to make a real difference. With each experience, we grow stronger, more confident, and more inspired to take on the challenges ahead. Here’s to the power of collaboration, learning and empowerment, and the incredible journey that lies ahead for our PoW Ambassadors.