What a fantastic day for our PoW Ambassadors as they came together for the first time during the Development Day at Hartlepool College! The agenda was brimming with sessions centered around networking, ambassadorship, and uncovering crucial skill sets for the world of work. We were thrilled to have numerous enthusiastic business professionals actively participating in the day’s sessions, generously sharing valuable insights from their sector of work.

Our journey kicked off by exploring the diverse local business landscape. Ambassadors were immersed in discovering various sectors and exciting opportunities that lie ahead, offering valuable insights into potential career paths in our local area.

Next up, we delved into the art of networking. Through interactive sessions, we equipped ambassadors with the skills to build meaningful connections and effective communication. Witnessing the importance of relationship-building in action, two adult ‘volunteers’ demonstrated the ropes before our young ambassadors took the stage to network with fellow participants and business professionals.

After a morning filled with discovery and connection-building, we took a well-deserved break to refuel and recharge for the afternoon ahead.

Post-lunch, we recapped the morning’s activities and engaged in a discussion about the skills and attitudes that pave the way for success in life, drawing insights from pre-surveys from children and adults. To break down stereotypes, we introduced a captivating session involving a little bit of detective work by guessing the job and the skills involved.

What a productive and thought-provoking day for the first gathering of all the ambassadors who are now ready to share what they have learned back at school!

Keep an eye out for more updates and future events as we continue with the Pow Ambassadors.