What an amazing day at St. Helen’s Primary School in Hartlepool, collaborating with their Year 5 pupils on the Power of Women Campaign (PoW) and the Primary School Ambassador Program. The primary goal of the Primary School Ambassador Program is to raise aspirations, promote equal opportunities for all, and challenge gender stereotypes. This program is open to everyone, and it gives children the opportunity to delve into the concept of equality deeply through in-school sessions delivered in their classrooms by Spark Tees Valley. Today, we had the privilege of returning to select four ambassadors to represent their school.

We were fortunate to have Ellie and Martha from Jacksons Law Firm join us to assist in the interview process, giving the children a taste of what a real interview feels like. Year 5 pupils, brimming with excitement, took turns entering the interview room one by one, making our decision incredibly challenging due to the outstanding quality of the students’ application forms and their confident interviews on the day.

What an incredible two sessions in St. Helen’s exploring equality in the classroom and conducting interviews for the Primary Ambassador Program for these young leaders of the future!