Always a huge pleasure working in St Gabriel’s in Ormesby and the children and staff today were brilliant in engaging with our Enterprise AR day funded by TVCA. Although I use the same (albeit always tweaked!) Keynote and the same Reality Composer, no two days in this programme are the same because it is all about the children. 25 years as a teacher, working in hundreds of schools both in the UK and abroad has shown me time and time again that the best schools ‘know’ their children, their strengths, their challenges and what they need to do to progress. We take this approach with all of the live events that we do through Spark and even though our online resources are often structured, we even build in that option with them for teachers to amend and adapt.

It is a preach that we practice.

So today (and every day) we went with the discussion that the class produced, weaving the idea of Enterprise Skills into their own experiences, aspirations and everyday life. Starting with the child, not the resource, is far more powerful when trying to have an impact on how children think and behave. Below are a few images from the day that barely convey the atmosphere that was in the room and of course there are the children’s files at the bottom of this post for you to click on and download.

And the link to their work is below. Click on the clink and open on an iPad or iPhone to view the file. It usually works best if you insert it into a Note: