Today, the Year 6 children of South Bank Primary School brought their A-game to our ‘Renewable Energy in Action’ session!

These spirited and dedicated children delved deep into the world of renewable energy, discovering its pivotal role in shaping the future of Teesside. Exploring the developments at Teesworks, they saw the boundless career opportunities awaiting them in their local area.

Over the course of the morning, they transformed into ‘Energy Engineers’, crafting their own model wind farms with savvy site selection, considering both financial and ethical implications. The Year 6 children planned cable routes and crunched numbers with finesse. The teachers also commented on the seamless teamwork that powered their projects to success.

After lunch, we dove into the mechanics propelling today’s automotive revolution, as the children rolled up their sleeves to use the hydrogen-powered cars. Learning the intricacies of electrolysis to fuel them, they raced them in the Hydrogen Grand Prix! 

For Ella, the adrenaline rush of racing hydrogen-powered cars was an unforgettable highlight, an opportunity that left her beaming with joy. And when the da Vinci-mobile clinched victory, the hall reverberated with cheers!

These Year 6 champions showcased remarkable resilience and perseverance, fearlessly tackling challenges head-on. With such impressive qualities in their arsenal, they’re poised to conquer whatever the future holds.

What a day! What an electrifying showcase of renewable energy in action!