Second and final session of the week at the brilliant Bankfields Primary working with the other half of Year 4 funded by TVCA to develop Enterprise skills. We again delved into the app Reality Composer to create AR Christmas ‘cards’ that focussed on audience engagement.

If you google ‘Enterprise Skills’ you will find a varied and ever changing list depending on where you look and Spark’s approach is not to define and create a specific list to remember! Our other school support materials help schools to integrate this across the curriculum. Instead we work with the children’s own ideas, exploring the way they think, their interests, skills and passion, then put them in work place scenarios. Through this child centred, contextual approach, one we have developed over the last 20 years working with hundreds of schools all over the UK and further, we focus on making the content relatable and therefore meaningful. Pictures below demonstrate the engagement and creativity shown by the children on a challenging app in a relatively short time frame. Links to their work at the bottom of this post.

And their stunning work is linked below. Please be aware that USDZ files are designed to be used on Apple devices although I am exploring ways to show them on other platforms!