The amazing Year 4 students from Redhall Primary School brought their energy and enthusiasm to our ‘Renewable Energy in Action’ session, working together seamlessly.

These dedicated Year 4 students from Darlington immersed themselves in the world of renewable energy, discovering its significant role in Teesside. We delved into the exciting developments at Teesworks and explored how they could open up future career opportunities in their community.

In the morning, the children transformed into ‘Energy Engineers’, independently planning and building their own working model wind farms. They carefully selected their locations, considering both financial and ethical implications, demonstrating impressive critical thinking skills.

The excitement didn’t end there! We took a deep dive into the mechanics behind the technology driving today’s automotive revolution. The highly engaged Year 4 students set up their own hydrogen-powered cars, learning about the process of electrolysis to separate hydrogen from distilled water to power their vehicles. The grand finale was racing these cars in the exhilarating Hydrogen Grand Prix!

For Lacey, a Year 4 pupil, the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the hands-on experience with hydrogen-powered cars and working with her team. She expressed her excitement, noting that this unique opportunity was a rare and thrilling experience. The hall buzzed with excitement as the car named after Rosalind Franklin was the winner!

The outstanding commitment and engagement from these Year 4 pupils and their teachers was truly inspiring!

The afternoon was just as incredible! When robots visit your school, it’s bound to be an extraordinary day, and for the Year 3 students at Redhall, it was nothing short of spectacular!

As our little blue robotic friends wheeled into the hall, flashing their lights and mimicking dinosaurs, the excitement was palpable. Yet, even amidst the buzz, the students’ behaviour and manners were unbelievable. They exhibited a range of successful learning behaviours, ensuring we could fully maximise our Robot Coding afternoon.

We kicked off by discussing the importance of coding in today’s world and explored various job opportunities in the digital sector right here in our community. Building on their prior knowledge of block coding, the students learned to communicate with our robots in their coding language. Tying in their geographical knowledge of the local area, the children coded their robots to take a ‘Tour of the Tees Valley’. Starting at Redhall Primary School, they navigated to other parts of the Tees Valley, including Stockon, Hartlepool, Redcar & Cleveland, and Middlesbrough.

Philip, a Year 3 student, exclaimed, “I really enjoyed coding our robots to different locations in our area!” Megan added, “I’ve just had so much fun!”

The engagement and excitement levels were off the charts, and the children couldn’t wait to share the day’s adventures with their families at home time.

What an unbelievable afternoon with some future coding stars!