Another fantastic TVCA funded Enterprise Day, this time at Pennyman Primary Academy. As usual the day is designed to flex with the way that the children respond and with my deep understanding of the local business sectors I am able to ‘add colour’ to any discussion around local opportunities, often with actual footage and resources from my own work.

Today took that to the extreme.

The children have worked with me previously on several projects and because of that they really wanted to focus on the aspect of running your own business. How does that work, what the benefits and pitfalls are, how pay works, how you grow a business and so on. Rarely has a group of children in my sessions been so focussed on that aspect of the day. It confirms my belief that one of my next projects will be an ‘Entrepreneur Day’ that schools will be able to book which can be adapted as a longer project or even delivered by teachers themselves using the resources. All locally based with contributions by local examples of course.

But back to today’s work! The children certainly didn’t disappoint with their commitment to the task and their creative responses. Yes they got frustrated at times but that fed into discussion around resilience as a key technique to dealing with any situation….part of the Enterprise set of skills.

Pics of their work below and the link to see it for real at the bottom.

And the link to their work is below. Download the file you want (on an iPad or iPhone) and open in Notes if it doesn’t do it automatically: