Raise your hand if you’re ready to make a difference in the world! The pupils from South Bank Primary School are absolutely eager to do so! These enthusiastic and passionate Year 5 pupils showed remarkable enthusiasm in exploring equal opportunities for everyone and dismantling gender stereotypes during our introductory sessions for the Power of Women Campaign (PoW) and the Primary School Ambassador Program.

While sharing their dreams and aspirations for the future, these Year 5s strongly expressed their belief that Teesside shouldn’t bear the title of the worst place for young girls to grow up—an issue that sparked the creation of the PoW initiative. Our discussions revolved around the role of women in science and STEM-related careers, as well as delving into the world of sports, including football, and the roles of male and female footballers. Before wrapping up the session, we took time to reflect on our life stories, interests, and strengths, aligning them with the PoW application form.

We were fortunate to have Lily from Intellect and Nicole from Reign Accountancy join us for the interview process providing the pupils with a genuine taste of what a professional interview experience entails. The Year 5 pupils, brimming with enthusiasm, took turns entering the interview room one by one. The decision-making process was exceptionally challenging due to the outstanding quality of the students’ application forms and their confident performances during the interviews.

Our time encompassed two incredible sessions, and it was an absolute privilege to collaborate with these Southbank superstars!