Every school is different, all children have different experiences and expectations….that is what Cultural Capital is actually about. Different normals multiplied by the number of children. That is what makes working with young people so interesting. Yes I show them things and introduce new ideas, things to learn, but the real value is making it relevant to what the children think their place in the world is. And that is at the heart of developing Cultural Capital.

Today’s TVCA funded Enterprise Day was with the brilliant Year 5 class at St Clare’s in Middlesbrough. I even had a super sub TA for some of the day in the form of the Headteacher Mrs Eddies. Like with all the adults that I have worked with in different schools on this project, it was great that she also had experiences that she brought into the discussion.

Different experiences = wider understanding.

The children used Keynote to think about future career directions, reflect on the things they are passionate about and share their thoughts with others. We started to unpick some of the key enterprise skills and attitudes that underpin pretty much all future opportunities and then we used Reality Composer to put into practice some of the things we had learned, to create virtual Birthday cards. Pictures below show the commitment, creativity and enthusiasm of the children and the link at the bottom allows you to download the files to see for yourself how children can take a completely new app and create something useful within half an hour by applying their new understanding.

To open the files below, click on the link, then ‘open in’ and choose Notes. They definitely work on iOS devices, others I’m not so sure!