Today was another incredible day at the TVCA funded events to raise aspirations in the Tees Valley for primary school children. We had the pleasure of working with Year 5 from Oakdene Primary School and the STEM Ambassadors from Berwick Hills Primary.

The children today were superb and really good at working as part of a team to achieve a shared goal. They had a mix of coding robots ‘driving’ around a floor map of the Tees Valley blending career aspirations from visiting different companies in the Tees Valley area with creating presentations about the key roles if you worked there! “It was great to work as part of a team and to find out our individual strengths,” one of the children told me at the end of the day, clearly showing how much they had enjoyed the challenges with their friends.

We were also lucky enough to get a surprise visitor, Lily Brothwood, from Intelect who popped by to see what businesses the children had been learning about in the Tees Valley and she also answered a few questions the children were excited to ask about her company!

What a fantastic day and below are some photos and presentations the children created!