Well the beginning of the new website offer!

We have been working full tilt on resources to make sure that there was plenty for you to use once we launched the new website. Yes we will continue to showcase work we have been doing with schools on this blog part of the site and yes there will often be ‘free’ resources and projects that you can access and be part of.

But what lurks behind the login?

Well too much to say in one sentence but expect links to company pages, videos, interactive maps, teacher ideas, homework tasks, computing support and ideas and a whole lot more. And the great news is that the resource will grow and grow and grow. We are still working through the raw footage from multiple companies filmed over the past few months and we have many more lined up for the next few.

We’ve tried to make the resources work well for a school that includes a careers focus in every lesson where possible, once a week, assemblies, once a year events (primary aspiration weeks) or even one day. We’ve curriculum linked all of our resources too, using the national curriculum objectives for KS1/2 as search terms. KS3 will be coming soon as a search function but all resources are already fully available through a manual search.

We are also aiming to make sure that gaps in the resources are addressed by looking at curriculum objectives that have few hits and seeking out people in the world of work that are in some way connected to them.

The biggest asset to the site though is you. We want your feedback:

  • What works really well and you want more of?
  • Where are the obvious gaps?
  • How can we make it easier to locate things?

If your school isn’t already registered, please contact me to find out how you can gain access.