What an extraordinary day it has been at Cleves Cross Primary School in Ferryhill, collaborating closely with their Year 5 students on the Power of Women Campaign (PoW) and the Primary School Ambassador Initiative. The primary aim of the Ambassador Program is to elevate ambitions, advocate for equal opportunities, and challenge gender biases. This inclusive program invites all students, offering them a chance to deeply engage with the principles of equality through interactive sessions run by Spark within their classrooms. Today, we had the honour of selecting four exceptional ambassadors to represent their school.

We were privileged to welcome Claire from BTS Fabrications and Sam, a Cleves Cross Alumni pupil, who helped conduct the interview process, providing the children with a real-life glimpse into the world of interviews. The Year 5 students, brimming with enthusiasm, took turns entering the interview room, each showcasing remarkable confidence and excellence in their application forms and during their interviews.

What an incredible experience it has been, engaging in two impactful sessions at Cleves Cross, where we explored the concept of equality within the classroom and conducted interviews for the PoW Primary Ambassador Program, nurturing these young leaders of the future!