Another great day delivering TVCA funded events aimed at raising awareness of enterprise skills. This time I had the pleasure of working with some fantastic children from Bankfields Primary. We started by exploring their own skills and interests then related them to jobs that they might like to do in the future. I was then kicked out of an interview (you needed to be there!) and the children began to define the skills they thought were essential for future success. Fast forward through some critical thinking around the marketing sector and the children spent much of the afternoon putting their newly defined Enterprise skills into the context of AR Christmas ‘scenes’. First attempt at using what is a complex app and my goodness we have some creative talent who are able to critically appraise a situation and produce creative responses and yes, resilience was needed but they showed it in bucket loads! Some images from the day below and the link to their project files at the bottom.

Link to their work. Must be downloaded and used in a VR/AR viewer (such as Notes on an iPad):