Ever pondered the idea of Aspiration Days for KS1? Well, at Mowden Primary School today, we’re all about empowering the little ones, nurturing their personal growth and setting them up for success in whatever path they choose! Picture this: 60 enthusiastic Year 2 children immersing themselves in a day brimming with exploration and discovery, all centered around nurturing their future aspirations and dreams.

Our adventure began with an exploration of the Tees Valley Area, where the children mastered the geography and landmarks of our local area. Then came the real eye-opener: a peek into the digital sector at a local company. We were blown away by the range of jobs available under one roof! But guess what? That was just the beginning! We rolled up our sleeves and jumped into coding. Our little blue robots became our buddies as we brought them to life, making them mimic dinosaurs and do silly dances!

Next up, we ventured into the medical sector, and let me tell you, our Year 2s were all in! They jumped headfirst into a whole bunch of activities, like checking their heart rates, testing their grip strength and even testing their eye sight. But that’s not all – they also stepped into the shoes of doctors and nurses! From spotting broken bones on X-rays to fielding calls from “patients,” our little medical mavens tackled it all, deciding on the best ways to lend a helping hand.

We didn’t stop there! Next the Year 2 pupils donned hi-vis jackets and hard hats as they delved into the construction world. Armed with spanners, nuts, and bolts, these young builders set out to create their own free-standing structures. They learned about the importance of communication, collaboration and problem-solving. As they tightened bolts and connected pieces, they not only built physical structures but also laid the foundation for future careers in engineering and construction.

As the day wrapped up, the pupils reflected on all they’d learned. Studies show that blending career-related learning into the curriculum boosts not just future success but also current academic performance and these pupils at Mowden today are definitely destined for greatness!