The Year 5s from St Patrick’s and St Gerard’s were utterly unbelievable today on the latest of our World of Work Days funded by TVCA at AV Dawson!

Some of the children were natural coders and programmed our Dash robots to a high level. If we could have let them, I think they would have taken them home and carried on coding all night long! They then looked at local companies in our area using our Google Voyage and used their coding skills to perform challenges at each business they visited along with learning about the company on a keynote presentation to ensure learning opportunities were maximised. The port itself was a hive of activity and children could see first hand the cargo ships being loaded as well as soaking up the views from across the Tees Valley. They listened attentively and were able to talk about all the companies they learnt about today and were a pleasure to teach!

As usual you can see pics from the day below and samples from their work woven into a movie at the bottom: