So you’ve clicked on the ‘Whales’ tab above this post and accessed the resources to find out more about whales. Now you know things, you can make informed opinions and produce some brilliant work. Pics, comments, work all sent to:

Zetland Primary have started the day researching and planning out what they know about whales:

And St Augustine’s have been busy doing the same:

We’ve also had some children down the beach:

St Benedict’s are always such an enthusiastic lot! Loots of classes in school are working on this project while Y6 are away at the Port of Middlesbrough on the Spark ‘World of Work’ day:

And another class in St Benedict’s:

Zetland sent classes down both morning and afternoon to speak to the scientists:

Normanby Primary have been working across multiple classes as well as having a quick visit to the beach:

They even found time to make some movies:

And to round off the week, the amazing children at St Begh’s Catholic Junior school in Whitehaven responded to the whale appearing in Whitehaven marina by producing some fantastic work collectively. It was a brilliant way for them to discover some new creative ways to work with their new iPads. It was brilliant to meet them all:

Please click in the image below to see some amazing work from the whole year group: